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Tavyonia Davis

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
University of Wisconsin-Parkside – Bachelors; Psychology & Sociology
Milwaukee Vincent High School, 2017

Tavyonia Davis is attending the University of Wisconsin-Parkside as a junior and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology, with a minor in Ethnic Studies, and certificates in Child and Family Advocacy, Diversity and Inclusion, and Mental Health Skills. She serves as an advocate for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty by being the student assistant in Parkside’s LGBTQ Resource Center. She also serves as an advocate for minority students by serving as a success coach in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. Tavyonia plans to continue her education so that she can open her own clinical practice for LGBTQ+ adolescents and minorities.

Christopher Durian

Concordia University-Wisconsin
Concordia University-Wisconsin – Bachelors/Masters Accelerated Program; Social Work
Milwaukee Riverside University High School, 2001

Christopher Durian is enrolled at Concordia University where he is pursuing his undergraduate degree followed directly by his master’s degree in social work. With a strong connection in the LGBTQ+ community, he has motivated and shaped all generations to live a happy and healthy life. As a retired ballroom dance professional, he is driven to find a way to incorporate dancing as a threshold for LGBTQ+ youth to find a connection with themselves, as well as others.

Kimberly Hernandez

Carthage College
Carthage College – Bachelors; Psychology & Sociology
GED (Ill.), 2016

Kimberly Hernandez is currently attending Carthage College in Kenosha Wi. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology. She is an undergraduate researcher studying areas of human reflection as well as discrimination and policing of black communities in Milwaukee. Kimberly hopes to inspire social change through sociological research specifically regarding LGBT women of color and intersectionality. She hopes to explore the subject further in her senior thesis as well as long term in a doctorate program post-graduation.

Mallory Krumrei

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – Masters; Public Health Policy & Administration
Oregon High School, 2014

Mallory Krumrei is pursuing their Master of Public Health at the UWM Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health. In the Public Health Policy track, Mallory is a fierce advocate for the Health in All Policies approach, which recognizes that policies from every sector–not just healthcare policies–shape the health and well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals. Mallory found her place in studying how various sociopolitical processes and policies create and perpetuate LGBTQ+ health disparities. Their previous work has explored the disproportionate prevalence of tobacco use among sexual minority women, survival sex among homeless LGBTQ+ youth, and mental illness among LGBTQ+ older adults.

Hugo Ljungback

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – Bachelors; Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres/Media Studies (double major)
Ljud-och Bildskolan Kristianstad (Sweden), 2015

Hugo Ljungbäck is a queer video artist, film curator, and media scholar. His videos regularly explore queer subjectivities, oversexed bodies, sexual abuse, and coercion, and have screened at national and international film festivals and galleries, from London to New York and Beijing to Buenos Aires. His research focuses on the intersection of video art, surveillance, labor, and queer cinema, and his writing has been published in international journals. He is an Undergraduate Research Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Chair of the UWM Moving Image Society, and a programmer for the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival.

Victor Magana

Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical College of Wisconsin – Doctorate Program; Allopathic Medicine
Mundelin High School (Ill.), 2013

Victor Magana is a rising second year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and has clinical background in emergency medicine. As a future physician, he hopes to work and give back to the underrepresented communities, especially the LGBTQ+ community. He’s currently serving as Co-President for two student organizations, Student National Medical Association and LGBT People in Medicine, both aiming at elevating Underrepresented in Medicine minority populations, creating opportunities for URM students to experience a medical education, and outreach to create a healthier and thriving community.

Dawn Matlak

Milwaukee Area Technical College
Milwaukee Area Technical College – Associates; Accounting
Marian Central High School (Ill.), 1996

Dawn Matlak is a committed leader who is enthusiastic about uplifting the strengths within their community. In recent years, their focus has been on navigating economic systems and building financial literacy, primarily with young adults. This work has led to roles as a cooperative business developer, financial coach for housing-insecure moms, “redistribution of wealth” workshop facilitator, and finance manager for two nonprofit funds. Dawn is a returning student at Milwaukee Area Technical College. They are working towards an associate’s degree in Accounting, with a larger vision of creating an affordable, multi-generational apartment complex for the Milwaukee LGBTQ community.

Ash O`Higgins-Lowrey

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design – Bachelors; New Studio Practices
DeKalb High School (Ill.), 2019

Ash O’Higgins-Lowrey is an incoming student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. They hope to pursue a life as an independent artist and use their skills to heighten the community around them. As a leading figure in DeKalb’s youth artist scene, Ash has aided in numerous community events through photography, social media influence, and peaceful artistic demonstration. They have been awarded for these efforts by such organizations as KVAL, IHSAE, and The DeKalb County Court House. Continuing down the road of Journalism and artistic expression Ash hopes to inform, connect, and rise with the committees around them.

Kim Otzelberger

Alverno College
Alverno College – Bachelors; Media Design with a focus on Film
The REAL School, 2016

Kim Otzelberger is studying Media Design with a Focus in Film at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Driven, motivated, and goal-orientated, Otzelberger continuously exceeds expectations placed on her. She achieves this by being Alverno College’s GSA’s Co-President, Alverno’s Film Club President, an orientation leader, a peer leader, and a junior counselor on top of taking a full load of 16-18 credits a semester. Otzelberger is determined to get the most out of her time at Alverno and is a strong advocate for the LGBTQIA+ rights in not only the college environment but in films as well.

Justin Roby

Concordia University-Wisconsin
Concordia University-Wisconsin – Masters; Organizational Leadership & Administration
Milwaukee Arts High School, 2009

Justin Roby is attending Concordia University of Wisconsin and pursuing a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration. With 11 years of work in various roles with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, he hopes to be a change agent in his community. His work with at risk youth, background and formal training of an educator, Justin intends to be one of the leaders within the organization to drive a change in a positive direction, especially for disenfranchised youth.

Adriana Rodriguez

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – PHD; Urban Education (specialization in Social Foundations of Ed)/Africology minor
Milwaukee Hamilton High School, 2001

Adriana Rodriguez is currently working on her dissertation proposal at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She is a student in the Urban Education Doctoral Program with a specialization in Social Foundations of Education. Adriana is a social justice educator, focusing on building learning spaces that are anti-oppressive and reduce the perpetuation of harm through learning and community building. She approaches all of her work from an intersectional analysis lens, and aims to create spaces for multiple marginalized identities to be heard and honored. She currently does sociocultural programming for the UWM campus, facilitates a leadership development workshop series for students, and serves on the Equity and Justice Priority Group for the Division of Student Affairs Strategic Planning Committee. After the completion of her degree, Adriana will continue to focus on social justice education and expand her work to include best practices for Diversity and Inclusion work in Higher Education.

Amy Stuhlmacher

Alverno College
Alverno College – Masters; Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner)
Homestead High School, 1993

Amy Stuhlmacher attends Alverno College and is a graduate Family Nurse Practitioner student in the College of Nursing. As a pediatric registered nurse at Children’s Hospital of WI for the last 22 years, Amy recognizes the immense need for change in healthcare and legislation for the LGBTQ community. She is committed to work with at risk, underserved and LGBTQ youth. As a lesbian herself, she is acutely aware of our communities need for resilient leaders who possess integrity, purpose and values. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Amy has the ability to reach these youth and become a leader in our community.

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