Miltown Family Resources

Miltown Families has identified resources for LGBT parents and allies, as well as for schools aimed at ensuring families and kids are supported and can thrive in a nurturing environment.

For Schools:

The Human Rights Campaign has developed the Welcoming Schools website which has excellent resources for educators including the “Embracing Family Diversity” page which has lesson plans, book lists, and the “Checklist for a Welcoming and Inclusive School Environment”.

The site also hosts two excellent videos about about bias, bullying, and bystanders, and another where kids of all ages talk about LGBT topics.


For Parents to Give to Schools:

Miltown Families has created “How to Support LGBT Families”, which is a list of five things schools can do to support kids with LGBT parents. While you can download the document here, if you are an LGBT parent in southeastern Wisconsin we can send a copy of a book that features a diverse family, along with our list, to you or to the school that your child attends. A PDF version of “How to Support LGBT Families” is available here for printing.