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About us…

Miltown LGBT Families is a fast growing group of LGBT families, the majority of whom call Southeastern Wisconsin home. Diverse in many ways, our common bond is that we are LGBT households raising children. We are often the first LGBT people in our extended families, in our social circles, and in our neighborhoods navigating the joys and challenges of having kids and raising families.

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Our vision:

-Connect families through social gatherings as a way to forge new and lasting friendships—friendships that provide support for parents and help to normalize LGBT families for kids who may not know other families like their own.

-Raise the visibility of LGBT families both within and outside the LGBT Community.

-Educate on a range of topics unique to LGBT families.

-Serve as a resource by identifying LGBT friendly services, including childcare, healthcare, etc.

-Mentor prospective LGBT Families who are navigating the complicated and expensive systems often necessary to start families of their own.


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Get to know us…

If you are a member of the LGBT community raising children, we hope you will join us! To meet other families, connect online, and receive information on our events and programs, please complete the following 2 steps.

  1. Submit the online membership form on the right.
  2. Join our group on Facebook by clicking here.

Once you are connected, we encourage you to participate in our Facebook community. Introduce yourself, share a photo of your family, and otherwise engage with the group. Event invitations, program updates, and helpful information are shared through the Facebook page and in periodic emails. In the meantime, listen to this brief radio interview with two of our member families and their kids that was broadcast on 88.nine, Radio Milwaukee.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at We are a volunteer led organization and will respond as quickly as possible.


Support us…

Miltown LGBT Families is a volunteer led organization started in 2016. What started as a Facebook group to connect a small number of families quickly grew to an online community representing over 500 parents and children of LGBT families in Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

We host events, we develop programs, and we share resources. More than anything we create community for LGBT families for kids who oftentimes have never met another family like their own and for parents interested in socializing and connecting with other LGBT parents.

We are grateful to Cream City Foundation and our generous donors for helping to build this community. We encourage you to make a gift by clicking here.