Create a Fund

Establish A Cream City Foundation Fund

When you establish a fund at Cream City Foundation, you make strategic decisions about the change you want to make in our community.

Starting a fund is easy, and helps you both with your charitable goals and, potentially, with tax savings. Cream City Foundation offers scholarship, donor-advised, area-of-interest and designated funds.

Funds Offered by Cream City Foundation

Donor Advised Funds

Cream City Foundation’s donor-advised funds are a convenient and strategic way to give. You make one gift to your donor-advised fund at Cream City Foundation, and then make recommendations on your own schedule for disbursements to organizations you care about. As an added benefit, organizations receiving grants from your fund must sign Cream City Foundation’s non-discrimination policy, ensuring they treat everyone equally regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Having a donor-advised fund is almost like having your own foundation, but without the administrative burden.

Those that have created a donor advised fund with us have full access to our professional staff for assistance in researching nonprofit causes they may wish to support and developing gifting plans to most efficiently make gifts into their donor advised fund.

Donor Advised Fund Agreement

Scholarship Funds

Supporting the education of future LGBTQ+ and straight allied leaders is important and one of the most popular ways to do this is by establishing a scholarship fund. You can determine the scholarship criteria, which might include geographical region, field of study, heritage, academic achievement, economic need, and more. Many scholarship donors are involved in the scholarship process, and enjoy hearing from the scholars about their life goals and experiences.

Area-of-Interest Funds

As a donor, certain types of organizations or particular geographical regions may be near to your heart. An area-of-interest fund allows you to specify your interest and then leave the grantmaking decisions in the hands of one of Cream City Foundation’s community grantmaking committees. These committees are continually reviewing the best

responses to our community’s needs, and can target those that will best fulfill your ideals. You can endow an area-of-interest fund, if you choose, to ensure that the changing needs of your area of interest will be thoughtfully funded after your lifetime.

Designated Funds

Perhaps you have a strong connection with one or more nonprofit agencies. If so, a designated fund, particularly an endowed fund, is a wonderful way to provide support during and after your lifetime. This fund is especially powerful if you want to release smaller organizations from the administrative and investment burdens of managing an endowment, or if you want to use a large gift to support more than one organization. You specify the organization(s) that will benefit from the fund.

For more information on establishing a Cream City Foundation Fund, call Peter J. Holbrook at 414.225.0244 or email at