Corporate Equality Report

The ability to create a thriving, engaging and successful workforce community in Milwaukee depends on our ability to attract, retain and engage our current working community. We know that there is a direct link tied to having employers value those employees and having those employees value the community they work in.

Milwaukee is rapidly changing its corporate outlook to create engaging, competitive and healthy working environments for its employees. With the adoption of new policies, such as domestic-partner benefits, the focus on diversity, is reinforced. But what exactly do these new diversity policies mean for current and future working generations? We at Cream City Foundation are working to create that dialogue between our corporate partners and our business community in regards to LGBT employee issues, equality and building healthy working environments for all.

Early identification of steps and ideas on how to make significant changes in the workplace will not only enhance the employer and employee relations, but the city of Milwaukee as a whole. I thank you for your continued interest in helping to build a stronger, viable corporate and business culture in Milwaukee, and look forward to your support in all our efforts in the near future.


Griselda Aldrete, Interim Executive Director

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