WOW! What a Night!

We did it again…My Best Friend is Straight broke our (record breaking) 2015 event!

Thank you so much for joining us this last night for our 11th Annual My Best Friend is Straight. Our signature events are not just a fundraising event…they’re a time when we can celebrate our community, progress and impact across SE Wisconsin.

Our work at the Foundation is only as good as the people who join us hand in hand and work together to do the best work possible. Our unified efforts to support SE Wisconsin’s LGBTQ+ community via fundraising, support and collaborative initiatives are things we can ALL be proud of.

From all of us at the Cream City Foundation, THANK YOU for all you do. Thank you for spending a wonderful summer evening with us and so many friends….tonight was definitely one for the record books!

We will be posting photo albums on our official site as well as Facebook (Cream City Foundation) in the days to come…please stay tuned and tag yourself in our photos!

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors! sponsors_final


Our 2016 Community Champions!

What ARE Community Champions?

Cream City Foundation gives the title of “Community Champions” to an individual or couple who has shown outstanding leadership and commitment to serving and improving the LGBTQ+ Community. We’ve had such a supersized year since the last MBFS, this year we have THREE Community Champion Couples! Here they are:

We’re so thrilled to honor them this way! Check back every Thursday to learn more about our 2016 Community Champtions!…And even better, when you attend My Best Friend is Straight, you can meet them in-person!

Meet Paul & Colleen!


It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our last (and certainly not least) Community Champions, Paul Mathews and Colleen Fitzgerald!

Paul Mathews and Colleen Fitzgerald have been helping Milwaukee thrive for decades and have always made it a point to stress being more welcoming and inclusive. Paul Mathews has been advocating diverse arts and culture in Milwaukee as President & CEO of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Colleen Fitzgerald, an entrepreneur and executive coach, started PEARLS for Teen Girls in 1993, which is still running strong today, and is a program that gives girls a safe space to reach their fullest potential.

As straight allies, why would they want to support the LGBTQ+ community? “We’ve had the good fortune of traveling to many thriving cities and clearly see ways Milwaukee can make big strides in connecting in a more inclusive way with the LGBT[Q+] community. We want to do what we can, now more than ever, to publicly support our LGBT[Q+] community. This is one way we can step up.”

Get to know Angie and Kim!

harris_childAngelique (Angie) Harris, Ph.D., and her wife Kim Salas-Harris have been involved in Cream City Foundation for over a year, after their colleague, Cream City Foundation Board Chair Paul Milakovich, invited them to dinner to meet other people involved with the Foundation and other LGBTQ+ organizations throughout the city. Both leaders at Marquette University, Angie is the Director for the Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies, Kim is the Associate Director for the Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP). Eventually, Angie was asked to join the Board, and is now serves as the Cream City Foundation Board of Directors Vice Chair.

They’ve shaped their lives around helping the communities they’re a part of, but why choose to give back and be so involved? For starters, Angie comes from a family of teachers who believe in being of service to others. “Our community has done so much for us and we want to give back. We have greatly benefited from the hard work of those before us and we want to be part of something greater.”

Why choose to be involved with Cream City Foundation, then? “…We want to be able to share our story with others and of how [Cream City Foundation] impacts our LGBTQ communities. We also like the opportunity to better network with stakeholders in LGBTQ communities. We want to make positive, lasting changes that will increase the quality of life for LGBTQ in Wisconsin.

 Get to Know Brian & Andy!

andy_brianBrian Buchberger and Andy Schaidler have been involved with Cream City Foundation for nearly 20 years! Back in 1998, they attended an event hosted at the Boulevard Restaurant (now Bacchus) that was benefiting CCF. Afterwards, they attended the legendary Milwaukee bar, the M&M club, to get to know a few more folks involved with the Foundation. It’s easy to say they’ve seen the evolution of Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ community and are vital to its history.

Over the years, they’ve donated to and volunteered with various LGBTQ+ groups around Milwaukee. Why have they stayed active with the Foundation? “[We] want to find a way to open up the discussion and help find real solutions in the Milwaukee area for us and our generation of older LGBTQ+ adults. CCF is an umbrella organization that provides grants and funding to all kinds of other LGBTQ+ groups.”

Our Upcoming Fall 2016 Signature Event

luncheon_2016_promo_v2The Business Equality Luncheon is slated for September 2016…Stay tuned for more information!