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Cream City Foundation is seeking a full-time Executive Director who can provide strategic and visionary leadership to the organization. We are seeking an experienced, inspirational, strategic, dedicated and self- starting leader who can engage our various constituencies to share in Cream City Foundation’s vision. We are seeking an individual who is excited and ready to take Cream City Foundation to the next level, and who can serve as an articulate and passionate spokesperson for the organization. This position is a great match for someone who wants to apply their significant experience and vision, develop new skills, and along with the organization’s Board of Directors, make a profound tactical difference here in Southeastern Wisconsin as well as strengthen the Foundation’s emergence as a national leader in structural change philanthropy.

A full job description outlining skills and qualifications, key responsibilities and functions and application information can be found here.  

Applicants should send a Word or PDF cover letter and resume to Interim Executive Director Terri Coughlin at terri@coughlinconsult.com with “Cream City Foundation” in the subject line.  Interested candidates should apply no later than Dec. 12, 2014 by 5 pm CST.


2014 Corporate Equality Report 

The strides being made across the country for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community these past few years have been staggering and are rapidly accelerating.

In this year’s Corporate Equality Report, we look at the changes that both the country and our region have undergone since 2011. The report specifically looks at the findings of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s nationwide survey, and found that nationally, we have seen positive changes in the workforce.

For instance, 99% of all employers who responded said they provide employment protections on the basis of sexual orientation, and 90% of those responding provide medical and comprehensive health benefits for domestic partners.  For more information, the Cream City Corporate Equality Report is available in the PDF attachment below.

We thank you for your continued interest in helping to build a stronger, viable corporate and business culture in Southeastern Wisconsin, and look forward to your support in all our efforts in the near future.

2014 Corporate Equality Report


The Giving Society

The Cream City Foundation wants YOU to get involved!

If you’d like to have a positive impact on the LGBT community in Southeastern Wisconsin, and want to have a say in the programming your own contributions support, The Giving Society is for you.

Perfect for first-time donors, The Giving Society is a community of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community leaders who make a monthly contribution to the Cream City Foundation. Once a year, you’ll have the opportunity to help select which nonprofits the society will support.

For example, The Giving Society’s donation last year helped close out the outstanding mortgage for the Southeastern WI LGBT Center in Kenosha.

A little goes a long way.  To make sure your voice is heard, consider joining The Giving Society! At whatever level you choose to give – as low as $10 or $25 a month – know that your contribution will add up to a much appreciated annual gift.

Joining The Giving Society easy.  Simply send us an email or call us at (414) 225-0244. We’d love to hear from you!